Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Reasons

I bought this kit from Karen Russell when she taught a Photography class last year. I loved the kit sample that she showed and had the perfect pictures to put but just didn't have the time until now to do it. It is a little more simple that I am use to doing, but I think it turned out great. I pretty much followed her layouts exactly as far as the layout itself, for the reasons I changed it up just a tiny bit, but not much. I may end up adding some flowers to the pages, I haven't decided yet.

Title page

Reason 1: Because we fell in love

Reason 2: Because being together is important

Reason 3: Because I live my life for you

Reason 4: Because this is what it is all about

Reason 5: Because we are family

Reason 6: Because we are there for each other through the good and the bad

Reason 7: Because we are still in love

Reason 8: Because you are growing into a beautful young woman

Reason 9: Because my baby is no longer a baby

Reason 10: Because life is wonderful


BonnieRose said...

so gorgeous!

Suz said...

Beautiful & elegant. I like the way you kept the color scheme neutral & everything minimal.

Aphra said...

Beautiful! Soooo sweet. I might have to imitate....the highest form of flattery. :-}

Jeanne Pellerin said...

This is gorgeous!! Even though it's from a kit, you should try to get this published. It's beautiful!

Darcey said...

Very cool!

Ivana Clay said...

Wow! The photos you are using are all amazing! It looks like it is a great album!

~Christina~ said...

Great work Heather! Every page is beautiful.

Karen Russell said...

It looks so fabulous Heather!!!

Kwilt said...

This is such an AWESOME albumn!!!! Stunning, creative and inspiring!!!! I LoVe It!!!!