Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008 pictures

We attended a Halloween party Friday night and had a ball!!! My sister-in-law's favorite holiday is Halloween, so she has a party every year with a theme for the adults. This year, it was a vampire theme, which works out great since I am reading Twilight!!! I know the vampires in Twilight don't usually have blood dripping from their mouths, but I had to add it to complete my costume.


Taylor as not really sure, she wore a Twilight t-shirt, so I guess that was her take on the vampire theme, and McKenzie was Hannah Montana

all 3 of us together. I think in this one, McKenzie went from Hannah to Miley since the wig is gone, lol

Taylor, my dad, me, McKenzie, my mom and my hubby (who just got off of work, but refuses to dress up anyway)


j said...

Heather the pics are amazing hun !!!!
Typical man not wanting to join the fun...lmao


Anonymous said...

I'm especially fond of your pink and black layouts!!

Ann said...

Great Halloween pics, and beautiful layouts!

Jeanne Pellerin said...

Heather, these are great!!! When I saw the first photo of you, I thought it was Taylor, and when I saw the group shot, I thought Taylor was you!!! Too precious!

Janet said...

Wow, you look great! I love your mom's witch hat with the cobwebs! Too fun. lol